Tench (an armor. Tinca tinca) — fish of family карповых, the unique representative of a sort tenches (Tinca).
The short, high and thick body of a tench is covered by small skintight scales and a dense layer of slime. In an average line about hundred чешуй. Body coloring depends on dwelling conditions: from zelenovato-silvery (in transparent water with a sandy ground) to dark-brown with bronze outflow (in reservoirs with an oozy ground). Back and anal fins rather short. In a back fin of 4 not branchy and 8-9 branchy beams, in anal — 3 not branchy and 8-9 branchy. A tail fin without dredging. At половозрелых males the second beam of belly fins утолщён. In mouth corners it is located on one short (about 2 mm) to a short mustache. Pharyngeal teeth single-row, their formula: 4-5, 5-4. Branchiate stamens 14-20. Eyes small, red-orange color.
In Europe this kind is usual enough representative of river and lake fauna. To the east from Ural Mountains meets less often, but the border of a continuous area of a tench reaches an average current of Yenisei and its inflows. Eastern frontier of a faltering area — pool of lake Baikal. In Eastern Siberia the tench meets seldom, tests the strong anthropogenous influences connected with infringement of inhabitancy, and also poaching. It is brought in «the Red book of Buryatiya».
The caught tench immediately becomes covered by the big black stains. It occurs because that it all is covered by a thick layer of dense and transparent slime which on air hardens, darkens, and then falls off pieces, leaving on these places the big yellow stains.
Tench — languid enough, lazy fish. It непоповоротлив, conducts a quiet way of life, like a crucian and the rudd, constantly disappears in dense thickets of a water buckwheat, горошницы, horsetails, рдестов and стрелолиста, lives there, where as if starfishes, swim prickly sockets телореза which leaves are very similar to an aloe herb. A tench — very clumsy, but, having got on a hook, becomes violent. Нерестится a tench in the same place where lives, in the same reservoir. Favourite in places of tenches are the sites of the bottom which has grown нитчатыми with seaweed with depth over them hardly of more meter.
Spawning passes in three steps from May till July, at water temperature above eighteen degrees on Celsius. In a week-one and a half after spawning the strong biting of a tench begins.
In October tenches leave grassy gulfs, get off in small flights, then where they live in the summer lie down on wintering in deeper places, than.


Catch tenches in gulfs of the rivers, lakes and ponds. The tench can’t struggle with a strong current, therefore in its rivers almost never happens. A tench — fish settled. As the good homebody, lives always in the same creek, hides in dense thickets. All his life passes silently and imperceptibly. Activity shows in well heated-up water, therefore the biting of tenches happens only in a warm season: since May — June till October the Tench pecks very inertly. The tench doesn’t love bright light, and the more dense underwater thickets, the has more possibility than it to catch and as Sabaneev wrote, «only in the evenings, in the morning and at night the tench leaves to walk on purer places of a pond but also then very seldom leaves on a surface, unless to it will take in head to seize the large midges which have fallen in water». During such moments it well takes on a worm «about a water floor».
For the device привады it is necessary to make «windows» in underwater thickets, to clear away a bottom in several places. The fishing-rod in length of 3-4 meters, a scaffold (0,25-0,30 millimeters) is painted in broth of skins of onions under color of a bottom and seaweed. The mouth at a tench small, therefore a hook is applied № 4-5, каленый moderately: poorly каленный — it will be unbent, перекаленный — will break. Under a crank hooks undertake on number less. A worm насаживают «stocking», as much as possible shifting it on цевье and a hook sting that «accordion» has turned out. It is necessary that the tench hasn’t felt a hook as he likes to savor a bait, having seized her lips.
Tenches can be caught on «donut». It prepares from this the test and in the form of a flat cake, cooks in broth of an oil cake and is cut on small slices. Having spread on a hook, it can be formed катыша that kept is better. The nozzle falls over the bottom or is put on a bottom so that the float lay on one side. In each «window» put no more than two fishing tackles. Very good nozzle — young runaways of a cane and a reed. But now the stalk should be cleared so that there was only a pulp. Then last is cut on slices in length about 1 sm and put on a hook, as a worm, that is a stocking. Are good as well runaways рдеста. But a stalk at them thin and corresponding trousers are necessary for its use. It is possible to use and leaves. In this case it is possible to arrive so: to tear off only gentle top leaves (as do at tea gathering) and I put their pile which then I pierce. Hearts (manure, rain, подлистники) — one of the best nozzles. And not one, but a bunch from 2-3 small. Опарыши — is better to use small, grown up on meat or vegetables. Шитик — on it the tench takes only in the event that шитик lives near to a place лова. As a rule, if there are running streams, that is and larvae. On a hook 1-2 pieces so that the sting has been closed are passed. The big minus of this excellent nozzle that шитик gentle and quickly gets off and to it are very not indifferent small fry, a bleak, густера. The larva of a dragonfly itself is an active predator. Attacks on мальков карповых and even small small fishes. On it very large tench, but more often a perch, a carp takes only. Насаживается from a head, between черповидных jaws. The hook sting is deduced in the bottom part of a belly so that it was slightly felt on a finger-tip. If about water many the tumbled down trees which can затапливаться vernal floods an excellent nozzle — larvae of bugs-bark beetles. Them is better to search under a bark of pines 3-4-летней for cuttings down. Насаживаются 2-5 larvae depending on the sizes. The sting also masks.
In затонах and lakes the tench well takes before spawning, in the beginning of June. The weight of one copy reaches to 1 5 kgs, therefore tackle should be very strong. The tench from «edge» of night takes: when hardly the dawn begins to dawn, and in a fog at dawn from water there is steam, as from a huge saucer with tea, to 5-6 o’clock in the morning. It pecks and at an evening dawn, in twilight to the darkness. In the afternoon of a tench it is possible to catch only casually.
The tench pecks very inertly. Having seized a bait edge of lips, it will suck it and will release, then again takes, will taste, will spit out. So he can play some minutes. But sometimes, on the contrary, the tench takes straight off. It is necessary to cut only when the float slowly and will easy go aside, under water.

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