Ordinary ruff (an armor. Gymnocephalus cernuus) — a kind of fishes from family окунёвых (an armor. Percidae), a typical kind of a sort ruffs.
She is the fresh-water fish living in reservoirs of Europe and northern Asia, near to a bottom in lakes, dams, near to coast of the rivers, prefers a sandy bottom or gravel. The length of adult fish makes approximately 100 mm (10 sm). Eats mainly invertebrates near to a bottom, sometimes eats small fish and some plants. Larger fishes in turn hunt for a ruff.
The ruff ordinary — most widespread of four kinds of a sort a ruff — its natural area includes northern and east part of France, east part of England, the river of pool of Baltic sea, the central and east Europe, and also Zauralye, northern Asia to a river basin of Kolyma. In the second half twentieth centuries the ruff has appeared in several reservoirs of Europe outside of the natural area — lake Loch Lomond in Scotland, in lakes of Italy, lake Midevan (Norway), in Kamarge (delta of Rhone, the Mediterranean coast of France); it is considered that distribution was promoted by construction of channels and wide use of a ruff as baits in sports catching of a pike.
The ruff has gray-green with black stains and points a back, yellowish sides, a paunch light gray or white. Back and tail fins with black points. As a whole, окрас this fish depends on environment: the ruff is more light in the rivers and lakes with a sandy bottom, and is more dark in reservoirs, where a bottom oozy. Eyes mutno-pink, sometimes with dark blue радужкой. Usual length from 8 to 12 centimeters, weight from 15 to 25 gram. Sometimes, however, there are copies in length more than 20 centimeters and weight even more than hundred gram.


Ruffs — it is the most popular fish at young fishers. Ruffs eat a various ground forage — muckworms, cranks, мормышом, mollusks. On spring in considerable quantities exterminates caviar and молодь other fishes. Ruffs it is considered the weed fish, valuable food fish stirring to growth, such, as the bream and others. Therefore to catch ruffs it is possible without restrictions all year long. Ruffs — fishes ground. If fishing of ruffs wasn’t included into your plans, and you are overcome by this small robber enough to lift a bait on 15-20 centimeters from a bottom. Already ruffs don’t spoil to you mood, and the small fry, густера, a white bream is caught. This reception is especially effective in the winter when all fish sits in the same hole.
In the summer ruffs stand in shady places on depth, under bridges, barges, landing-stages. At this time together with ruffs it is possible to meet a burbot.
Catching of ruffs is fascinating, though is a little boring. If you know a place of their parking won’t make the big work to catch ruffs a considerable quantity. About fishing it is possible to tell that this mechanical employment «has caught-has taken out». However ability to choose the best place where ruffs keep, is solving for successful fishing. Happens, one fisher drags ruffs of one behind another, and its companion who sits all in several meters from it, remains with zero result.
To catch ruffs it is possible at any time: in the summer, in the autumn, in the spring, in the winter.
In the summer of ruffs catch easy поплавочными fishing tackles, and also on донку. A nozzle same – a muckworm. However the hook should be №4-5 on domestic classification, with long цевьём. Ruffs like so to swallow a nozzle what to take out a hook happens hardly. Fishing nippers or tweezers help with these cases.
In the winter of ruffs catch mainly on мормышку with the cranks placed on a hook. It is possible to catch and winter поплавочной a fishing tackle. At this time ruffs accumulate the big flights in зимовальных holes. Those are: places of a confluence of small small rivers and streams in the big rivers, lakes and water basins. At a weak biting лунку it is possible to lure a pinch of cranks. From the middle of winter and till the spring ruffs get over in places of a confluence of small small rivers and streams where are excellent caught on small — to semimeter — depth. Ruffs help on winter fishing in a dead season when other fish doesn’t take more often.

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