Pike perches (Sander, Stizostedion, Lucioperca) — a sort of fishes of family окуневых.
In waters of Russia two kinds — an ordinary pike perch and the Volga pike perch (бёрш) [2].
On Don and the local name of a pike perch is extended to coast of sea of Azov — сула ́ [3].
Pike perch — a typical predator. It is appreciated tasty meat. In comparison with a ruff also we will dip it more thermophilic fish. Lives in the pure big rivers and lakes.
Body long, a head pointed. Back coloring zelenovato-gray, on each side brownish cross-section strips. A forward back fin prickly, tail and back are covered by dark specks. Радужка an eye the yellow.
Large pike perches keep alone and reach meter length. Grow quickly, in reservoirs rich with a forage for a year add to 1 kg. The record weight of 20 kg isn’ted. Половозрелым becomes by 5 years at length of a body 35 Nerestitsja see at water temperature 15 — 16 degrees.


The best period of catching — after spawning in the middle of May, and then in October. A bait takes day and night. Small pike perches охотнее peck on зорьке and before семерками, large attack the victim with darkness approach, averages — weight to 2 kg — sometimes well take in the summer in first half of day on донку.
Favourite bait. Малек, живец, выползок, a bunch of hearts, a cockleshell. Occasionally a beret of a young frog, веретенку, a bloodsucker. The small pike perch pecks on light мормышку with a crank bunch, on a spinner at vertical блеснении. Just as the perch, doesn’t take a phytogenesis nozzle.
Means amateur лова. It is possible to catch almost on all fishing tackles: поплавочную a fishing tackle, a spinning, донки, mugs, жерлицы, trolling, a path. On донку is better to catch, equipping with its sinker with a through aperture and one hook № 7 — 10. In deep cluttered up and закоряженных places it is possible to become successful steep блеснением, application large мормышек.
Habitats. In search of at its finest, sites rich with a forage often changes a place. To find it it is possible in deepenings behind tongues of sand and rifts, on an average current at steep coast, in закоряженных holes. Small and average pike perches conduct a gregarious way of life and leave on a shallow when hunt for мальком. Avoids overgrown sites of the rivers and lakes, an oozy bottom, тиховодье.

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