Pike (Esox) — a sort of fresh-water fishes. A typical kind of a sort — Esox lucius (a pike ordinary). It is extended in Europe, Siberia, the North America.

Pikes can reach 1,8 m at length and 47 kg of weight, but sometimes there are also larger copies. Life expectancy of separate individuals reaches till 30 years. The pike body has the extended form and reminds a torpedo (or more likely a torpedo did under the pike form). A peaked head and the sharp teeth typical for predatory fishes. Окрас pikes — gray-green in a speck.

Pikes — extremely gluttonous predators. They basically eat fish (including own young growth — to 20 % from a diet). Besides it, pikes eat amphibious and reptiles, large insects and various garbage. Their extraction can become and small mice or the moles who have got to water. The pike hunts and on small waterfowls and their baby birds (for example ducklings). This predator attacks any animals reaching 1/3 from its own sizes.


Various kinds of tackles and catching kinds, most widespread are applied to pike catching of which — sports catching on a spinning. At catching on a spinning for a pike bait such tackles as spinners, wobblers, rippers and twisters are used. A wide circulation catching on живца with application of a fishing-rod, circles, донок, жерлиц has, trolling and a path (At catching on живца chances to catch trophy copies increases). In the people the tackle under the name “дурилка”, used for winter catching of pikes in lakes also is known. At the reference with pikes it is required to be careful and use зевником and an ex-tractor: their sharp small teeth directed in a mouth can put сёрьёзах. ную a wound to the careless fisherman.

The pike is caught during all дняи nights, however for the majority of reservoirs there are best hours of a biting. The large pike takes in the morning, and at windy weather — in the middle of day is more often. In greyish days, with small rains, catching happens more successfully, than in a fair weather. Catch a spinning, on a path, summer and winter жерлицы, mugs, поплавочные both ground fishing tackles and other tackles. However not all the ways long catching bring identical success. It is noticed that on the same reservoir from time to time a pike to catch mugs, than a spinning on a spinner more successfully. At catching in the end of winter it sometimes well takes only at блеснении, and on жерлицу with живцом — it is bad.

Choosing a way of catching, it is necessary to consider features of a reservoir always. On pure reaches with equal depth it is possible to catch on mugs and a path, and at a rough bottom or among seaweed it is better to apply a spinning. Deeply it is recommended steep блеснение winter spinners or catching on a ground path.

In the small small rivers which have grown with water-lilies and seaweed, catch one fishing tackle equipped with a dead small fish on снасточке. Going on coast, better downstream, облавливают all suitable places: омуточки, «windows» among seaweed and water-lilies, a reach located behind a rift. If a bottom pure, снасточку throw far away and, having allowed to it to lay down, slowly, with breaks, spend her about a bottom a few lifting lowering smooth movements of a fishing-rod. Having felt поклевку, stop, slightly weaken a tension лесы and in 30—40 seconds do not sharp cutting. If the pike takes inertly and long holds a small fish in teeth without swallowing, wait with cutting until woods won’t start to leave in water.

Sometimes, in particular in small small rivers, a pike successfully catch on a frog. The same way is applied, as at catching on a dead small fish. Without supposing, that the frog plunged, in the top sheet of water slowly pull it on itself. Knowing, where the pike lives, it is possible to catch it in these parts on поплавочные fishing tackles. To put them it is better on a pure place, nearby from a sedge or a cane. To start up живца follows in half-waters. The fishing-rod equipped with throughput rings and the coil is convenient is allows to throw smoothly живца. That it не’закручивал to wood, it is necessary to apply equipment. Живцами the gudgeon, a crucian, a ruff, a perch serve small fry, елец. They are better for putting on on снасточку from two unary hooks. Application of tees quite often leads to that a pike, having seized живца across, is pinned and releases it. At catching on живца it is not necessary to hasten with cutting. It is better to wait a little, without pulling wood, and to cut only at pike movement aside, after поклевки and stops. Поклевка at a pike happens various. Usually it is resolute and sharp, but at a languid biting — is careful and similar on having touched a soft grass. The full pike takes reluctantly, but there are cases when in a stomach of the caught pike find out recently swallowed large fish.

Catching of a pike by a spinning is interesting. It is possible to note only some features. A spinning a pike catch in successfully early spring in small, quickly clarified small rivers when still there is no water vegetation to which the spinner clings. The pike often leaves at this time on small places warmed up by the sun. In small small rivers usually it is better to throw a spinner along coast — downstream. For this catching it is possible to take spinners of the average size, type «шторлек», «Ural», «норич», «universal», «трофимовская». In the summer when pike catching on a spinner from time to time happens unsuccessful, apply the copper and brass grown dull spinners. Also the size of a spinner sometimes matters. At a bad biting it is possible to try to catch on depth on very large fluctuating spinners — in the length 12—18 see

Rate of conducting a spinner depends on its form, weight and catching conditions. It is necessary, to remember that at pike catching the slowed down conducting a spinner yields the best results. Sometimes the pike sees off a spinner to coast or a boat, but doesn’t take it. If it pursues a spinner, hardly increase speed of conducting. If «the seeing off» pike didn’t take and on following two-three забросах, a spinner change or use a dead small fish on снасточке. Often at unsuccessful catching by spinners the dead small fish with success replaces any spinners. There, where the pike was caught successively by some days, it is useful to make a break — temporarily to pass in other area of a reservoir. Winter catching of a pike demands good knowledge of a reservoir, in particular a bottom relief. It is necessary to study places and time of the approach of a pike to coast. Only in this case it is possible to achieve success.

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