Crucians (an armor. Carassius) — a sort of fishes of family карповых. A back fin at a crucian long, pharyngeal teeth single-row. A body high with the thick back, moderately compressed from sides. Scales large and smooth to the touch. Окрас varies depending on a habitat. The gold crucian can reach lengths of a body more than 50 sm and weights over 3 kg, a silver crucian — lengths of 40 sm and weights to 2 kg. Половозрелости crucians reach on 3-4th year. Нерестятся in the spring, caviar (to 300 thousand berries) is postponed by them for underwater vegetation. In places with a severe climate crucians run into hibernation, thus, hiding in silt maintain full промерзание a reservoir to the bottom. Crucians as eat vegetation, and small invertebrates, a zooplankton, a zoobenthos and детритом. Live exclusively in marshy both low lakes and the rivers. A crucian — very hardy fish, therefore small карасика consider as a good bait at pike catching. Crucians — food fishes and object прудового economy.
Outwardly gold and silver crucians are similar. Both kinds in common live in some reservoirs. Thus there is a gradual replacement of a gold crucian by the silver. Occasionally meet a hybrid of silver and gold crucians.


In the summer the crucian is whimsical enough and choosy. Often for no apparent reason it ceases to be caught, bait change in this case helps. But more reliable way to force a crucian to take the offered bait — top dressing. For it it is possible to use the steamed out grains, grain crumbs, the porridge rests, the steamed out oil cakes. It is useful to throw before the catching in bulk some handfuls прикормки from the same products in that place where there will be a hook with a bait.
As a bait use a worm, especially manure, a crank, опарыша, other animal and every possible vegetative nozzles (dough, peas, bread). The basic bait — of a worm — it is better насаживать not whole, and slices. And the more a slice «размочаливается», the more effectively catching. Hearts need to be maintained preliminary in damp to a moss or clean sand. And vegetative baits to flavor hempy or sunflower-seed oil. In some reservoirs the crucian «takes» and on small balls from a boiled potato. Catch a crucian usually on superficial, well warmed up places, in «windows» among vegetation, nearby from a horsetail and рдеста, and also a cane and a sedge.
Catching of a crucian at a grass edge is most successful. It takes from a bottom and in half-waters, but it is better to have a bait in 5—10 sm from a bottom.
Поклевки a crucian in most cases languid, have no certain character. Sometimes it conducts a float aside, and at first quickly, and then slows down movement (the cutting moment). Sometimes before moving aside, the float jumps up on a place (the waiting moment).
Tackles on a crucian – the most usual: поплавочная the fishing tackle with a scaffold is more thin, with a hook 5 — 7 sizes. Leads with even more thin scaffold sometimes become, than the basic, sometimes becomes two leads – ground and hardly below a float. Other details – a matter of taste and habits of the fisher. Ground fishing tackles on a crucian too will be manufactured, perhaps, only by thickness of a scaffold: to the basic 2-3 leads from thin, but strong fasten. Вываживая it is better to make secure a net.

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