The chub fishing

Chub (an armor. Leuciscus cephalus) also головль, головень — fresh-water fish from family карповых, sorts ельцов. Reaches at length of 80 sm, weight to 8 kg. A massive head slightly приплюснута from above, a forehead wide, scales large enough. In a lateral line 44—46 scales; is 8—11 short and very rough stamens. Eats air insects, молодью cancers, fishes, frogs. Widespread in Europe and Asia Minor. In the northeast of Europe the area of a chub is limited by Northern Dvina; in Asia Minor — waters of Euphrates. In Kuban, Terek, Kure and other rivers кавказа lives a close kind — the Caucasian chub. Basically lives in the rivers, is more rare in lakes.


The fishing-rod approaches any, and its choice entirely depends on financial possibilities of the fisher. The coil is obligatory, and if it is possible to manage wire for bought for the small sum of money in the summer and in the autumn безынерционная will be out of competition in the spring. The author applies model with the forward friction clutch allowing more smoothly to regulate a brake that at use of thin leads it is rather desirable. Loadings on the coil small, therefore it is possible to get inexpensive models safely. The basic scaffold of 0,17-0,20 millimeters, a lead-0,12-0,15 millimeter, hooks straight lines, usually № 6-7. The float choice is influenced, first of all, by character of an applied nozzle and a way of conducting.

To the full it is possible to carry necessity of constant change that is called, strategy and tactics to specificity of catching of a chub. Most often the fisher faces it on the small rivers. So, after catching on top, at the bushes which have hung over water, having passed, say, fifty steps for turn on a rift, there can be a necessity to fish in half-waters or from a bottom. Not to drag for this purpose with itself an armful of fishing-rods! Therefore it is necessary to carry possibility of fast replacement of separate elements to doubtless pluses of tackle. First of all it concerns a float.
Let’s consider some aspects of catching поплавочной tackle on a nozzle going in thickness of water. As it was already marked, the nozzle can be the diversified: the caddis fly (ошитка), a cherry, bloodsuckers, processed cheese, a grasshopper, boiled sausage, рачье meat and, certainly, a may-bug (cockchafer) and its larva. Depth of conducting can be any — both at the bottom, and in a water floor, and as an exception — and in 20-30 centimeters from a surface. Any council in this plan to give difficult, it is necessary to try simply on a place.
The chub pecks resolutely, a nozzle throws seldom, and the float sometimes disappears under water with precipitancy поклевки pikes on живца. Practice shows that floats from бальсы веретенообразной forms with minimum килем and antenna load-carrying capacity of 5-10 grams painted in neutral tone (green, gray and etc.) have appeared the most suitable in these conditions. At this model good аэро and hydrodynamic characteristics that promotes distant забросам, and also allows to make cutting after 3-4 seconds after поклевки that is especially important at catching on a cockchafer. Fish is in time заглотнуть a bait, and descents practically don’t happen.
At the given kind of catching classical conducting at which the tackle moves freely under the influence of a current is carried out. On my supervision, various «fur-trees» of advantage don’t bring, but only harm. Boiled sausage and a cockchafer (along with плавленым a curd cake) — classics голавлиной catching, and about use of these baits we will talk more in detail. By me as a bait it was applied from tens grades “варенки”, and I can categorically assert that the chub perfectly understands quality of production. In my stay sausages brought on fishing from buffets “not for all” yielded aloud best results. By the way, sausage with a garlick smell hasn’t bad proved. Наживлять on a hook sausage it is desirable not the whole slice, and flakes, approximately how it occurs at catching on flakes «Oat-flakes», receiving a lump in size with copeck or hardly more. This bait, as well as cockchafer, has positive buoyancy and if it to cling on a hook without additional cargo it will float above loaded in immediate proximity from the basic scaffold that is undesirable. At depth in 1,5 meters and it is more way out — to hold tackle, allowing to a bait to float hardly ahead, and the best result in my practice (and at catching aground, perhaps, unique exit) was given by application dark мормышек the corresponding weight. I will in passing notice, attempts of coloring of the last a thing useless.

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