Ordinary catfish, the European catfish (an armor. silurus glanis) — large fresh-water scaleless fish of family сомовые (Siluridae) group сомообразные.
Length of a body to 5 m, weight to 300 kg. The anal fin a long, fatty fin is absent, unpaired fins have no thorns. A catfish — the largest predator of our reservoirs.
The greatest number this thermophilic fish reaches in pools of the Caspian, Aral, Azov and Black seas, mainly in предустьевых spaces and deltas of the rivers of Volga and Don. Икрометание in the spring in a coastal zone among water vegetation. The female postpones caviar in a nest which the male protects. A sexual maturity the catfish reaches usually on the fifth year of life. Basically the deathbird, but can eat and enough large fish, attack cases on waterfowls and pets are known.


In most cases catfishes keep in the deep holes located nearby to a channel. Сомовьи holes are filled often up by the fallen trees, топляком and windfallen trees. All it serves for it as shelter from a strong current and simultaneously an ambush place. The catfish doesn’t love a rapid current and leaves on the basic channel only during hunting. The hole where the catfish lives, usually has one exit to the basic channel, another always leaves on a bank or a long ridge of rifts. Having chosen this or that site of the river, catfishes leave the possession, as a rule, only during the periods of spawning and autumn скатывания to places of winterings.
Catching of a catfish demands from the fisher of discipline, concentration, observance of necessary security measures. Never it is necessary to catch one night, at вываживании a large predator it is not necessary to hasten, it is necessary to hand over skillfully a scaffold, keeping its tension, and in no event it is impossible to reel up it on a hand.
The part of fishers catches a catfish only at sunset. Others — only on зорьке. The laziest simply wait, when the catfish will return to the shelter in a hole, and take it there almost «naked» hands within all light day.

From tackles establish stationary mugs or поставушки (fig. 2) more often. They appear most добычливыми and effective at catching of a predator. On a strong current, having pitted the necessary quantity of a scaffold, it fix in a lateral cut of a circle from which it will be liberated can only during a grasp of a predator. The size поставушки or a mug that more than is stronger a current. On a waterway it is not recommended to catch, as the size of a circle will come nearer in this case to the size of a beacon. On mugs the scaffold or a kapron cord in diameter of 1,5-2,0 millimeters, a lead from a scaffold of 1,2-1,5 millimeters and a hook for catching of large fishes (№ 36-40 on domestic classification) is used. After перевертки, pauses and cuttings the large catfish, as a rule, pulls tackle in depth, but not in blockages from logs and коряжника.

In certain cases ground tackles are applied to catching from coast, but always it is necessary to remember that the catfish can keep in such blockages, whence донку with the caught fish it will not be possible to pull out even from a boat. Therefore before installation it is necessary to check up a bottom in a place assumed заброса taking into account that at вываживании it is necessary to hand over a scaffold and the withdrawal of a predator aside a minimum on 15-20 meters is possible.

In equipment донки some variants of an arrangement of leads rather are possible loaded. Anyway the nozzle is in a benthonic layer or directly at the bottom and fluctuates on a current, involving a predator.

Catching on running донку is effective over сомовьей a hole and only from a boat. The problem of the fisher — to throw a bait directly to a nose of a predator. If заброс on a current it is executed successfully поклевка it is provided irrespective of, the catfish is full or not. The spinning thus serves only as means for convenient заброса to tackle and вываживания fishes. Weight of a sinker and размерь! Nozzles steal up taking into account range заброса (20-60 meters).

At catching by a spinning its sizes and equipment should correspond to possible loadings, and in a boat always should be багорик without which to drag a large catfish in a boat is problematic enough. From baits the preference is given polimerno-rubber or поролоновым to small fishes of all kinds, the equipped sinker in weight from 15 to 50 grams in a nasal part of a small fish. A principle of conducting same, as well as at pike or pike perch catching (the small fish in steps takes place a bottom site). Unique difference — the pause after several turns of the coil should make not 3-5, but 5-15 seconds.

The big inconvenience at catching of catfishes from a bottom is inevitable loss of a considerable quantity поролоновых small fishes, as habitats of a catfish — rather cluttered up sites of a reservoir. Поклевка a catfish the difference practically doesn’t differ from «a dead» hook, only that in some seconds (sometimes it is more 10) the hook «revives». Therefore not at once you understand, whether has hooked on a log or has cut a predator.

At use of fluctuating spinners of type «spoon» game should be so languid how much it allows a spinner design. On occasion expediently for some seconds to interrupt conducting: a predator freely planning bait at times involves. On fluctuating spinners of a catfish really to catch in the small rivers, and many professionals-somjatniki with success fish there where the majority of fishers for 100 percent are assured that catfishes there aren’t present.

At catching of catfishes it is possible to use and wobblers of the most different designs. In the big rivers most уловисты (especially at morning and evening o’clock) wobblers with depth of immersing more than 4,5 meters. On зорьке color of a bait can be any, and at sunset the catfish prefers light tones. In a coastal strip and in the rather narrow rivers and channels effective there are baits of type «mouse», to catch on which better with approach of twilight.

Are popular among hunters on a catfish steep блеснение and catching on мормышечную tackle. Thus an arsenal of heavy spinners (to 150-200 grams) or мормышек very big.

The weight of a spinner and мормышки depends on speed of a current — freely started up spinner (мормышка) should reach to the bottom, without deviating under the influence of force of a current (an admissible corner of a deviation makes 25-30 degrees).

Steep блеснение on depth happens in the effective morning and in the afternoon, and вполводы — in a night-time. Fishing tactics consists in the following. Strong заякорив a boat, the fisher hands over a rope, moves on a current and is consecutive облавливает territory сомовьей holes.

Жерлицу with success apply at catching in a night-time. The best nozzle — a frog. The catfish, of course, won’t creep out behind it on coast similarly змееголову, but can approach to coast very close. On a frog hardly it will be possible to catch the giant, but on Volga to extract on жерлицу a catfish it is powerful 25-30 kgs quite really.

Widely catching of a catfish on a path practises. It is often carried out simultaneously with application квока which carries out a role of a sound bait.

Catching on квок is «aerobatics» in hunting for catfishes, the most rational and добычливый a way. It is based that a catfish — fish noisy enough: it уханье, hunting for fish on different depth are well audible. And swallowing extraction from a water surface is perceived by an ear of the person as sonorous click. On imitation of the sounds published by a catfish at swallowing of food, also «the work» principle квока is based. The scaffold at catching on квок should pass through its handle therefore there is the regular twitching of a bait which are bearing a faint resemblance to game мормышкой that serves as an additional irritant for a predator.
Catfishes with success catch on живца, dead or поролоновую a small fish, a frog, a locust or large grasshoppers, a back of gudgeons, a cancer neck, pieces of fish, chicken interiors, a small group выползков, паленый felt, meat of mussels, the artificial and live mouse, butterflies-cabbage white butterflies, bloodsuckers, larvae of a may-bug, caterpillars, опарышей. At various times and on different sites of the river catfishes prefer this or that kind of baits. A conclusion one: if you catch on a current (for example, running донкой) it is necessary to apply a nozzle which is sitting tight on a hook, and at catching in rather quiet place a nozzle apply on circumstances.

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