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Pike fishing in Russia

Going on a fishing trip, every angler, regardless of his predilections and preferences in the methods of fishing, interested in the success of this event. And if the purpose of fishing is not unrestrained libation, then under the term «successful fishing» will catch fish, but better — the trophy. However, there are a number of problems that impede the process to bring the fishery to the desired logical conclusion.
An experienced fisherman will try to analyze the situation and draw the right conclusions, but most of the so-called «dummies» to analyze the causes of failures are less likely, citing the results of a failure by any arguments of fishing, but improper failures. This continues until such time as long as one of «besklevnyh» days they are not the angler will meet with a decent catch. Then, begin to creep into their minds a vague idea: «Why is he biting, but I do not have?» Interesting question, answers which do not lie in the hidden «caches and granaries,» and are often on the surface, it is important only in time to find them.

In general, all the objective reasons for the failures on a fishing trip can be reduced to two reasons: prejudice and error. I refer to the prejudices of the problems associated with well-established concepts, which make a person a certain sequence of actions or behavior under certain conditions, fishing, either as a whole on a fishing trip. Moreover, these actions sometimes radically wrong. A different biases can still be called errors. They are characterized by anglers with some experience, rather than newcomers, and there are not the result of ignorance, and sometimes profit from the experience of his own, and sometimes borrowed from others. Most clearly expressed in prejudices spinning old school, living in the province. Such a hardened fisherman, you always tell that asp only need to catch a white lure and pike-perch on the red, and so on … Such people piously believe in inerrancy of their theories, and causes of failure are always motivated or phases of the moon, or the wind direction or order that «the fish is still not gone!» This poor guy and waiting, but when it «goes», as the season goes … «And then the main argument is the fact that fish are not as much as it was before, and it drove poachers. And here eleven years ago, but now it’s on the spoon …» However, not only those entities inherent prejudices. In this age of rapid development of the fishing industry, they also found a place, they have almost every one of us and just as well continue to hamper fishing.
But generalizations aside and move on to specifics. Below I will discuss some of the most typical errors associated with the prejudices which have the greatest, in my view, the spread of spinning. Some of them came safely to us «through the year,» formed a part already in the era of the modern spinning.

Error one: the use of low-quality accessories and other small things
We often do not particularly pay attention to little things like wind-up rings, buckles, karabinchiki. Went to the store, bought what caught my eye, and everything is fine … until recently, and I acted in this way. However, a few annoying moments, during which I had to lose, and fish and bait, made more serious approach to this issue.
Especially a lot of trouble delivering catchy ring to be used in equipping the swivel jig baits. The problem here is that the size of abalone offset hook quite small, and not every ring to it fine. Typically, these small diameter of the ring, and among these there are not many who would have successfully coped with its task.
As karabinchikov and buckles, the situation is similar — you unbend then break down. Therefore, in order not to be left disappointed in the fishing and not to lose the coveted trophy, I advise you to carefully approach these questions and more at the store are not too lazy to check the quality of your purchase. Although it is not easy to do: look like a normal ring, and begin to catch, load, and they begin to strike you. Sometimes there are problems with themselves «eared» sinkers, ears are starting to fall off when playing a fish. Here, marriage is more difficult, because the catch can not be detected visually. But if ran into low-quality product, then do not buy it next time in the same place.

Error two: the absence of a leash or a short leash
Some anglers prefer to fish without using a leash. This option is possible only when the bite is not expected pike. I am considering the fact that the probability of meeting with pike in our waters is very high, put a leash at all times. I remember once he caught on a small voblerok ide, pike do not bite, I did not put a leash, considering it unnecessary hindrance to the proper game.Very soon I had to regret it, because the pike still pecked and swam away with my catchability crank away.
Another similar case occurred during jig fishing on the lake. However, a leash, I did not put on because they have me over. But, as usual for «Murphy’s Law» to pay for the lack of proper safety leash had. On the hook for the village is quite a weighty pike, with the incomparable before the small things, but it is, alas, I lost …
And in the early summer of this year I also lost a trophy pike on the grounds that the leash, which is used, the length was too small. Pike, deepthroat bait, snack cord above the junction of the leash cord. Therefore, when there is a probability of a large bite of pike, never granulate with the length of the leash! Agree, would be a shame to lose the fish of your dreams just because the leash was on a couple of inches shorter than her mouth.

Error Three: The mess of fishing
Familiar to everyone — cast podsak not be resolved in a boat, or spread, dropped to the bottom of the boat, and on top of backpacks, boxes and more. And suddenly a solid bite … Rybin, here too, and came to the board — should be taken, but … podsak caught in a backpack! Frantically, trying to get out with one hand it. In the other hand, — spinning, big fish resists. For nearly got out, and the fish darted under the boat … Well, if you just come down, and if the break and spinning?
In general, we have to take it a rule to keep everything in readiness. Fishing equipment should be in full accordance with the procedure laid out in their seats and brought into working position. That’s when the unpleasant precedent will be on the order of magnitude smaller.

Error Four: improper gear
The special distribution was in our days, when all the increasingly popular ultra-light fishing gear, and a tendency to general thinning of gear. Still need to understand and realize that everything has a reasonable limit. Fishing tackle can be a delicate and poestetichnee will, but it’s only up to the point where one must contend with a good Rybina in a strong spot. Helplessly watch as the fish takes your uncontrollable stylish gear for spreading cramps, endure not given to everyone, and fold in half because «sticks of cigarette paper» in the trembling hands of the angry «athletes.»
And according to this must be clearly understood: the tackle must be presumed to be a trophy, and the place of fishing. When fishing in koryazhnikah and other strong places, as well as for catching big fish, make sure that your tackle has an adequate margin of safety.

First Prejudice: Theory superspoons
This topic is beaten more than a dozen times, but the fishermen, however, still continue to attack the «old rake» again and again. I do not know what causes it, but so long been the custom that when someone catches a fish, the first question he asked: «how to spoon?»
The magical effect on the fishing lure is well known. The very essence of the theory superprimanki is that once the angler comes to a point on the lake, fishing, bait, and suddenly changing some «shoots», bringing a good catch. After that, it is natural, always and everywhere starts to fish only on this «most catchability bait» and if nothing catches, makes the final verdict, that the fish are biting today. Meanwhile, just next to someone well caught. Such rybatsyuge are unaware that each bait is able to show their best qualities only in certain circumstances. The strength of flow, speed wiring, lighting, depth, and many other factors affect the sale of the pledged to lure potential, and it is only to be in the right time and place — it begins to work miracles. But here’s the rub — the conditions are different, that’s «silent» Today the lure that caught the fish yesterday, not bad at another location.
Also do not forget that the behavior of fish is also variable. If yesterday you are good at X were caught trolling Y and now there it can not catch anything — this is the case. In general, the lesson that the angler has to learn from the above, is as follows: no bait-favorite for all occasions do not exist! Harvesting successfully lure some — well, let it listed in your main fighting arsenal, but not worth it, tied it early in the season, do not shoot until freeze-up. This is one of the greatest follies in the top spinning.
Remember: the more diverse in your arsenal of baits, the higher the chances of successful fishing in different conditions. After all, sometimes so annoying when you notice that the pike are actively zhiruet in the thickets of water lilies in the shallows, and you, unfortunately, not with a light spinnerbaits or nezatseplyaechki. Or out on the fairway zhereshok carousing, and you only have a favorite lure, pike successfully tempting to reach. Here are just a pike does not take anything … With zhereshkom could work out, but the lure and fly him half way up is not in force. In general, if you want to be a fish in a box with lures must be at least some variety!

Prejudice the second: the bait should be similar to a fish or some living prototype
This is also an ancient fallacy. I have a couple lying around such kolebalok made on the profile of small fish. Even craftsmen carved fins have not forgotten! Someone who is very sick sim prejudice, thus to realize our vision of a «perfect lure.»
This is particularly evident in confusion among the provincial fishermen. Take, jig the bait: among, say, slaboprodvinutyh anglers vibrohvosty have an overwhelming advantage over the twisters, said nothing about all sorts of exotic «rubber crafts.» It is ridiculous to think, but still has some spinning, standing at the counter the shop with genuine disbelief twist in the hands of the twister, but in their eyes clearly read the insoluble question: and what is it like? Whether it vibrohvost! Meanwhile, twisters caught, and how. Sometimes several times furnished with the most superrealistichnogo vibrohvostov model.
And … Those taking spinnerbaits and does not resemble anything in the world except themselves, and because of their lack of toothed, sometimes they can not even find an alternative. Incidentally, an interesting example of spinnerbaits. One angler was too familiar to me one praised his new spinnerbaits. Moreover, the greatest admiration for his summoned by the seller advertised superrealistichnogo holographic eyes on the load-head … And here eyes? Why, because something must be realistic in that strange lure our people from white rags silicone threads! Incidentally, the spinners are not many more like fish than spinnerbaits, and also caught.
So maybe the real similarity with the live bait fish is not as important to the predator, as many believe? Perhaps the obvious fact that the bait is in the first place is an irritant effect on the fish, and does not cause her appetite. This is sort of a game with a kitty candy wrappers.
In general, it turns out that the real benefit of the second mistake that the producers are really fishing gear. They who are well aware of the potency of this prejudice to the fishermen. But whether the fish need a realistic holographic eyes on the bait — the answer only she knows herself. Fisher also must remember that the similarity of his baits with a live prototype — not a panacea.

Prejudice three: the color of the bait
I’m sure you do not often heard well-established view that in cloudy weather follows a white lure to catch on in the sun — the yellow. This superstition has its roots in the deep past, and is associated with the absence in the old days of wide color gamut spinning lures. Then, as the main materials used in their manufacture copper, brass, stainless steel, etc., the color properties of which boiled down to three options: white, yellow, red, and that these colors are most suited for painting the living inhabitants of the waters. Today in the fishing shop dazzled by the diversity of colors and shades. However, many elders spinning still consider all of these painted voblerochki, kolebalochki no more than a tricky step manufacturers, aimed at is to bribe a hapless fisherman. A real «work», according to them, leaving only the above three colors, colors and baits of which are prevalent in their arsenal. More inquisitive anglers who do not desire alien experiments, has long been discovered and successfully used bait «annoying» colors, «Fire Tiger», «red head», «Green Tiger» and others.
My first acquaintance with baits such colorings sostavnika began with the Polish company «Jackson» model «Horn.» His coloring, referred to as «green tiger», he strongly stands against other baits ‘natural’ colors, but none the less impact it was above all praise. Initially, even the impression that the pike just can not swim past him — so often helped me in the wobbler besklevnye most days.
Strong in this regard and «red head». Living analogue of this coloring is unlikely to be found in nature, that in no way interferes with such baits totally «destroy» the predator population.
Is it worth the angler to acquire these colors lures or live the old prejudices, to decide, of course, to himself, but I dare to see: the lack of baits in the arsenal of «annoying» stains are often not the best way affects the outcome of fishing.
>Drop to the side and this prejudice — the color of the bait does not necessarily have to resemble small fish scales shine!Get a couple of lures «flashy» colors, and they certainly did not help you to stay with «zero» in besklevny day.

Prejudice Four: specialization
This superstition appeared not so long ago, and is attributable to the inevitable progression of spinning fishing methods. The times when for all occasions from fishing was a tackle, and an arsenal of baits was reduced to only one kolebalkam diluted in a couple of turntables, a thing of the past. The appearance of different types of lures and tackle, with different characteristics, resulted in the emergence of a number of separate areas in the spinning fishing. It is now impossible to talk about spinning, as one direction in fishing as spinning and inside there were separate areas: a jig-spinning, ultralight, tweet-ching, dzherkovaya fishing — all specialty areas related solely to specific fishing gear on the specific bait.
Naturally, there is the tendency of gravity to some individual fishermen catching styles. Wrong, in my opinion, the fact that some anglers are beginning to explore some of the trends in the spinning at the expense of others. On the one hand, nothing wrong with that — good people can catch on a jig … But on the other — not in all circumstances jig fishing is all-powerful! What to do when fishing conditions require the use of other types of lures, and you do not know how to catch them?
There are a couple of my friends, picked up the sore, «uzkomyshlennosti» on the basis of the jig. We went once a small fishing company in the Desna. He went with us and one of the distinct «dzhigits.» Terms of fishing permit to fish by any means, but the jig in the day and place not given a special performance, but on the reach of the nearby Pike willingly responded to kolebalki. All, except for «horseman» to move quickly in a productive fishing pike, and «brave» by making a few test casts kolebalkoy, acknowledged that it «does not catch it,» and went dzhigovat to another location. As a result of its very modest results stand out from the crowd …
So whether or not to dwell on any one method? The answer is obvious: the more the master of styles and types of fishing lures, the higher the skill and ability to adapt to fishing in different conditions. Wherever there was a fish: the hole in koryazhnike on the reach — you can always get it right with the help of selected bait and fishing equipment. And in order to develop new types of baits and techniques of catching them, you must exit to the pool each plan so that you can catch during the fishing on several types of baits. Or alternate between fishing today — jigs, tomorrow — tvitching, etc.

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